A Study in Lamentations 3 Wednesday Writings

Broken, Grieving, Hopeful, Praying: Lamentations 3 for the Chronically Ill, Part 1

Some of my friends have named Lamentations 3 as one of their go-to passages during tough times–or the regular tough days of chronic illness. I’ve always seen Lamentations as a beautiful (if not a little depressing) book, but it wasn’t until October when I read it in my devotions that this passage became that life-giving […]

Wednesday Writings

Chronic Illness and the Sufferings of Christ

In Fiction: A Type of Christ’s Sufferings I recently read one of my favorite series, a YA fantasy series by Megan Whalen Turner. In the second book, one of the main characters suffers a severe injury that leaves him permanently handicapped. He spends the rest of the book struggling through the physical and emotional aftermath […]