Women in the Valley

Women in the Valley: Danielle’s Story

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your story with us!

Tell us about yourself!

Hello, my name is Danielle, and I live in Flemington, New Jersey. I am currently a college student at Bob Jones University studying to be an Early Childhood teacher. While I don’t have a health condition, I do have a hand injury that impacted my life and changed the direction my life took.

When I was 16, I damaged the muscles and tendons and was diagnosed with Skier’s Thumb, which is where the muscles and tendons in the thumb are not completely torn but have small tears throughout the area. This injury made me learn how to do everything with my non-dominant hand. I couldn’t play the piano like I was used to, and I had to relearn how to function at my new job. It was an interesting time for sure!

What did God teach you in your valley?

God has taught me so much through this valley. The injury changed what major I chose in college–I had originally wanted to be a music major, but that could no longer be an option because of the hours of practice required. However, God had it happen for a reason. The way I
view and respond to this situation determines how much I can help others. God has really shown me that my attitude towards my limitation really affects others around me and my testimony through it all.

What Scriptures spoke to you in your times of need?

Job’s story really spoke to me. While I didn’t struggle in the same way Job did, his response was a reproach to me and the response I had to my own struggles.

“In all of this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.”

Job 1:22

What was the best part of your valley?

Honestly, the best part of the injury was when I let go of all the anger I felt towards God for letting it happen. God took the thing that had replaced Him in my heart out of my life completely. I had given up playing the piano for months and felt like I would never be able to play it again because I couldn’t play like I used to. I was so bitter because I didn’t have full use of my left hand without a lot of pain.

But when I finally reached out to the one and only one who could help me, God helped me work through the anger and selfishness. He helped me to arrange one-hand piano pieces and still play for His honor and glory.

How would you encourage other women with chronic illness?

Whether it is chronic illness or an injury, never try to face it alone. It is very lonely and can cause stress and depression because no one knows the feelings going on inside you. Communication is key, not only with those close loved ones but also with the Heavenly Father who cares so much for each person and the needs of everyone. He wants each person to cry out to Him, and He will provide the comfort needed.

What resources helped you?

One resource that really helped me was Off Script: When God Rewrites Your Life by Cary Schmidt. A friend had recommend that I read that book, and it helped me verbalize a lot of things that I was struggling with and also show the grace of God.

2 replies on “Women in the Valley: Danielle’s Story”

Danielle, praising God for His work of grace in your life. As an eye witness to this trial in your life, I can say that your submission to the Father’s refining will has grown you further into a woman of grace and humility. Your perseverance is an encouragement to all ❤️🙏🏻


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